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Avoid Housing Scams In
The Netherlands

Make sure the housing offer you got is legitimate, before transferring any payment.
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Housing Check

Why Conduct A Housing Check?

When looking for a place to rent, some people will pretend to be landlords or work for an agency. They will make false promises to make everything look very appealing to you. The aim is to get you to rent the property and to ask you to transfer money to them before even seeing the accommodation. After the money transfer, the scammers will disappear and go after their new victim.

We can offer you a housing check which outlines all the findings for you. Based on these findings, the specific accommodation might succeed or fail the housing check. In the report, you can find rental advice about your situation and rental agreement as well.

Investigation Report

Who Needs A Housing Check?

You can only order this package if you have the address of the accommodation at hand, which you would like us to investigate. Without this address, it is not possible to order this package.

It is beneficial – but not necessary – if you can provide us with additional information regarding the accommodation advertisement, like a website-URL, print screen of the advertisement, or the contact details of the owner and/or agency. You will have the possibility to upload this information in the order process.

What Is The 100% Money-Back Guarantee?

This guarantee applies to every investigation report that passed the Housing Check. If you get scammed due to false information given by us in the report, Housing Check will cover the damages suffered by you up to 1.000 EUR.

  • Housing Check

    Investigation Report
    • Information About The Owner And/Or Agency;
    • Information About The Accommodation;
    • Legal Advice About Your Tenancy Agreement;
    • Legal Advice About Your Tenant Position;
    • Max. 48h Delivery (Excl. Holidays And Weekends);
    • Express Delivery (<24h) Optional + €20,00;
    • 100% Money-Back Guarantee