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All About Your Tenant Rights In The Netherlands.

About RentReturn

All tenants and tenants-to-be have to deal with the Dutch rental law. Tenancy law can be complicated and overwhelming, especially when you come from abroad. Landlords and agencies are considered professional parties, and it is expected from them to know the rental law. Therefore, the Dutch tenancy law is often in favour of the tenant; they give the tenant usually the benefit of the doubt. To make use of this favour, you'll have to know your rights as a tenant. You need to take every opportunity to redeem your tenant rights, such as reducing your rent when it's too high, or claim rent reduction when the accommodation has any lack of maintenance, such as mold or leakage. Follow our masterclasses to get to know your rights so you know how to use every opportunity to redeem your rights as a tenant.

What We Do

Rent Reduction

How many points does your accommodation score? Is it in line with your rental price? Most rental prices are not in line with the Rent Tribunal scoring system. Find out if you are paying too much rent.

Service Costs

When it comes to renting, you are most likely going to pay service costs. All costs on top of the basic rent for the accommodation is considered service costs. The landlord or agency is by law not allowed to make any profit on these costs.

Agency Fees

Found an accommodation through an agency? Have you paid any costs next to the rent and deposit? You have likely paid illegal agency fees. By law, it is not allowed for agencies to charge you any fees when working on behalf of the landlord. So, no "sleutelgeld", "bemimddelingskosten", or any other fees.

Reclaim Deposit

Have you left the accommodation but have you not received back your deposit? Make sure that the landlord is not withholding your deposit without any legitimate reason. For every deduction the landlord will have to show proof that you are the cause of the damage.

Contract Check

This contract check can be used for signed and unsigned tenancy agreements. Whether you'd like to know if your tenancy agreement is legit before signing it, or if you just want us to go through your tenancy agreement so you can make optimal use of your tenant rights, you can check it simply with a contract check.

We can inform you if you are paying too much rent, service costs, or help you reclaim your deposit or the paid agency fees. Upload your contract, and we will let you know which options you have and explain to you about your tenant rights.

Rental Law Advice

We offer a contract check, and lots of FREE legal advice on our instagram and blog.

However, if you have any questions about a specific situation, you are welcome to direct them to us, but you have to keep in mind that these questions can't be answered in a single reply to your e-mail. We will need time to check your documents and specific situation. Keep in mind that there are costs involved with this service before we can provide you with proper legal advice. We will inform you about these costs beforehand.